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👋 Hello! I am Dahei, TS full stack developer, from China.

🧑 Fine arts student, retired firefighter, professional chemical engineering, programming craftsman.

🌱 Life is only once, we should cherish the time, feel the life, believe in yourself, unlimited possibilities.

👨‍💻 A line of hello world has brought me into a magical world, and I hope that in my blog, I can also bring you a taste of the beauty of the programming world.

🐛 Front-end development as a starting point, lucky to enter the programming world. Now the main js/ts full stack, and will continue to develop in the long run.

💡 I usually summarize my learning process in the form of a project or blog post that I am happy to share with others. When others learn the technique, they can refer to my projects or articles, which I think makes a lot of sense.

🛠 Technology stack

JavaScript TypeScript Vue React Node.js NestJs Vite GitHub Docker Mysql MongoDB Redis Electron Miniprogram HTTP

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